Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soccer Camp 2010

Jade was stretching before practice.

Playing some warm-up games

More warm-ups.  Notice that Erin does everything with her arms.

Jade stretching...

And Erin doing the same stretch!

Taylor waited very patiently during practice.

I think she would make a great striker!

Have to hydrate!

I'm ready, coach!

Can't take her eyes off the field

SOLOMON was keeping an eye on his girl

So that's how that works!

Aren't these just the cutest little legs ever?!

Taylor wanted to try the long jump

She thought it was pretty fun... once. :0)

SOLOMON just liked the sand.  I'm not sure the track coaches would be thrilled.

Our little go-getter!  Erin and Jade were the youngest kids at camp

The entire team was trying to block Erin's shot.  Not to be stopped, Erin did score!

"Mommy, I scored!!!"

Let's do it again!

She came, she scored, she was ready to play in the sand...

Jade and one of her coaches

Taylor was amusing herself by spinning around with the water jug, so she was a bit dizzy here.

Just a girl and her shadow

Taylor wanted to bury SOLOMON'S paws in the sand.  He's soooo patient!

Cool new shirts/dresses :0)

Soccer sisters


Lily (You may know me as Lianne) said...

Hi Melissa,

What cute photos. I lovce that the coach even included Erin:)

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