Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow!!!

We received our first snowfall on Saturday, and you wouldn't believe the excitement in our house (including myself)!!  I just love the snow!  It snowed all day, and it was pretty wet and slushy, so we waiting until Sunday to go out and play.  We had a very small window of opportunity, because the temperature was going up, but we definitely took advantage of it!  The girls all love to go sledding, and they have chosen our front yard to do it in.  No, we don't really have a hill in our front yard, per se, but it is enough of a decline that the sleds move (when given a big push by me).  No matter what, we had a fantastic time playing, and we stayed out until our yard was more mud than snow.  As in all things we do now, Erin can't wait until our next snow and we have SOLOMON with us. 

Yes, this is our very small snowman.  He doesn't look very happy about his size either, but he is trying to show off his muscles!!  Ha!  All three girls made contributions to this little guy, and they were extremely happy to see that he was still there this morning as we left for school.  I'm not so sure that will be the case when they get home....

Erin was trying to push herself back up the hill in her sled when her sisters came down and pushed her all the way back.  The smile on her face is evidence that she wasn't too upset about it!  However, she had been working really hard to get back up by herself, getting mad at me if I tried to give her any help.

I haven't even gotten photos of the girls playing in the leaves yet (because they're still on the tree).  Those are usually some of my favorite pics every year!  As you can see, some of the leaves are actually still GREEN.  Most of these leaves fell during the snowfall.