Monday, April 19, 2010

SOLOMON'S Bowling Day

He's a natural, folks!

These kiddos love him more than words could say!

White House Easter Egg Roll

Hoola Hooping in front of the White House!

I think Jade should be a professional hoola hooper.

Close enough to touch (almost)

Getting ready for the egg roll.  Taylor was focused on the egg, Jade was... well, not so much.

Taylor wanted to WIN!

The winner!!

Jade is our perfectionist.  She took her time and did it right.

Well, when you can't get a picture with Justin Bieber, Miffy will have to do!! :0)

Music Program and Awards Ceremony

The girls had a big concert at school, and Erin was chosen to play the xylophone.  She was pretty excited!

Jade was getting ready to sing.

Hey Beautiful!

Jade's first award at school.

Taylor was so proud of her award (dog tags) that she wouldn't let them go to show me.  She received the Star Student award (for the 3rd time... ahem).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Technologically Unsavvy!

It is quite apparent that I don't have quite enough skills with our computer to figure this out.  I have been trying to post photos here for over a week, but I can't get into our blog from our computer at home.  I can get in elsewhere; everywhere, it seems, except the computer I have the photos on!  I have some really cute ones coming (like 3 little girls cute, or Justin Bieber cute, or SOLOMON bowling cute)... as soon as my brain engages enough to show my computer who's the boss!  I've also been working on a post for our other blog telling you ALL about the last few weeks of our lives.  Both of these exciting things are coming soon (soon is certainly a relative term in my life).  I'm sorry for the delay, but I am working on it.