Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Difference Between 9 and 10 Months

Peyton is officially 10 months old.  Saturday was the big day, and we all can't believe just how much she has learned in one short month!  On her 9 month birthday, Peyton could get up on her hands and knees, but she was not crawling yet.  She would just scoot herself along the floor on her belly if she wanted to get somewhere, and she was never very happy about it.  She could stand up with a lot of help getting there, and she definitely required someone next to her at all times.  She refused to pick up anything with her fingers to eat it (unless it wasn't edible), and she was only saying "dada" and "mama".  At 10 months old, Peyton is crawling all over the place (I should have tried to postpone that one for a bit longer! Ha!), and she can pull herself up to standing on anything and everything.  She cruises around whatever object she is holding onto and sometimes tries to push it in front of her so she can walk.  She loves to walk around holding someone's fingers, but I try not to do that for too long as my back screams at me the entire time (Jade complains her back hurts as well when she does it.  She has no idea).  Peyton LOVES her walker and takes full advantage of her freedom.  She loves it when I tell her I'm going to get her.  She gives a little scream and a giggle, and then she is off and running.  Every few feet I will catch her and make her laugh, and then she is off again.  Solomon always gets overly excited about this game; I think he expects to be included in the chase, but he would take it about 5 steps further than we want.  She thinks it's hilarious to steal my dish towels off of the oven door.  She will look at me to make sure I see her, and then she waits for my reaction.  I always say, "uh oh, you stole my towel!  You better run!"  Peyton always gives a little squeal, and she takes off running with her arms up in the air holding the towel.  She also follows her sisters around as they play, and they have created a little game where they all chase each other around, because they love to see Peyton get so excited and they adore her laugh.  They are the best big sisters EVER!  Peyton now loves to eat Cheerios and tiny pieces of string cheese, and I'm working on other new foods slowly.  She can drink out of a straw and enjoys having her own cup with water.  She says "done" when she is finished with something, she can clap her hands, wave, and give hi-fives (when she wants to).  When she does something wrong, I will say, "Uh Oh", and Peyton repeats, "Uh Uh."  She understands so much of what I say, and she reacts appropriately to things I tell her or ask her.  She amazes us everyday with her sweet little attitude and intelligence.  She is not walking on her own yet, which is something that Taylor did at about 9 1/2 months, but I definitely learned my lesson after my first.  You can't unring that bell!  Once they are walking, life becomes just a little more crazy (or a lot, depending on the child).  Peyton is by far my most daring and most wiggly child.  I think she will be running before she even walks!  We are all just head over heels in love with her, more and more each day!  The girls tell me daily just how happy they are that we have Peyton.  She truly does complete us!