Thursday, July 29, 2010

Intense Physical Therapy at KKI

We spent the past two weeks in Baltimore working hard, having fun, meeting new people and doing exciting things (o.k., mostly working hard).  Erin and Taylor both had intense physical therapy with our therapist, Robin.  She just has a way of getting our girls to work as hard as they possibly can while having fun.  Thank you Robin!  We also want to thank Scott, Heather, Sarah, and everyone else who worked with us at some point while we were there.  I will try to post a longer update soon on our other site giving more details about our adventure.  I would like to share a plethora of pictures with you that were taken over those two weeks.  I'll probably have to do at least 2 different posts to get them all in.  Anyway, enjoy!  Also, if you have any questions and/or comments about anything, please feel free to let me know.

Erin walking with her new KAFO's.  She's becoming a pro, and she actually likes walking in them!  Oh, she's wearing an adorable pair of BabyLegs underneath her braces.  They work perfectly!  So glad we found them.

Outside on the playground at the Ronald McDonald House.  They love this place!

Our beautiful girls

Taylor playing soccer as part of her therapy.  See what I mean about fun?!

Our new favorite game is badminton.  Jade played it everyday for 4 hours during therapy.

New friends, new game, tons of fun!

Girl time.  What could be better than hanging out and doing your nails?

Princess Erin

Erin just wanted to prove that she could kick a soccer ball too!

The two princesses.  For those of you who know Robin, you know what I'm saying. :0)

She could be a professional log roller!

More badminton (sort of)

The twins came up with their own high five using their rackets.  It was too cute!

Outside KKI in the therapy garden

Erin pulled out her first loose tooth all by herself.  She was so proud!

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Jade often gets to enjoy her sisters' therapy.  So much fun!

We love to build things

She's our hula hoop girl

Just a girl and her dog, sharing a moment during therapy

Visiting with our friends from Under Armour.  Such fantastic people!

Eating cotton candy at the Orioles/Twins game.  Go Twins!

Taylor thought ice cream was a much better choice.

This girl LOVES cotton candy!

Even SOLOMON got to enjoy the game!

Such a handsome boy!

I think Taylor and Jade are having much more fun than Erin.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Erin's new KAFOs

Erin recently got new braces for her legs, called KAFOs.  This stands for Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthosis, and it is exactly that.  These will replace the white soft braces (knee immobilizers) she has been wearing for the past year.  We had to make sure she was ready for these before having them made, and as she has shown us, she was definitely ready.  I want to share with all of you that when Erin was a baby, everyone outside of Kennedy Krieger said that Erin would NEVER be able to use braces such as these.  In fact, they didn't think she would ever use an RGO, which she has long surpassed.  We have learned many things on this journey of ours.  One of them is that doctors and therapists should NEVER use the word "never".  Another thing is that someone apparently forgot to inform Erin that she couldn't do these things, because she is definitely doing them!  Our little girl has far more determination than most people we know.

Here are a few photos showing the process of getting measured, molded and fitted for new braces.  It's a tedious process, but it was well worth it.  Erin can't wait to go to KKI next so she can show them off to everyone.  She picked out the patriotic design, and she actually loves to wear them!  Yay!

Putting on the long socks to protect her legs when they cast them.  You can tell she's thrilled!

One leg done, but that was after having to completely redo it.

Whew, both legs casted.  Just had to wait for them to dry.

Taking off the casts and keeping them intact is not always an easy task.  Time elapsed:  2 hours

After 8-10 weeks (I honestly lost track), the KAFO's were ready for a fitting.  That appointment also took about 2 hours, because they had to make sure they were perfect.

And here she is, walking with her new braces.  Can you see the pride and excitement?!  And yes, this is the best picture I got, with my big shadow in it.  (Sigh....)

Summer Fun!