Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jade and Erin!!!!

We started out the day with Taylor's awards ceremony. She received two! We're so proud of her! I think she's pretty proud as well.

It's not a birthday without birthday crowns. Thank you Mrs. Lisa!

It doesn't get much better than this!

Such happiness!

And then she huffed and she puffed...

Even Taylor gets to blow out a candle. We can't leave her out!

It's so much more fun when you can re-light the candle

Blowing out the candle for the second time (or was it the third?)

Oh, the love of reading!

Erin is learning to read, and she is very excited!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Erin and Jade's 5th Birthday Party

Best friends!

Having fun with their friends: Max, Nick and Grace (triplets), Katelyn, Philip,
and Jonathan (not pictured).

Tinker Bell cake

Let's get this party started!

Blowing out the candles. Katelyn was ready to assist if needed.

Me and our birthday girls

Finally! A picture of all 4 of them! :0)

Taylor and Grace enjoying some cake

Erin with her Aunt Kim and cousin Dustin

Hugs for K.J. Too sweet!

Sisters and Best Friends

Here is Taylor with her new haircut. Pretty cute!!!

Erin and Jade are so extremely close, but over these past few weeks they have grown even closer. They are constantly playing with each other and giggling more than ever. They even insist on sleeping with each other most nights. Last week they came up with a new game they call "Horsey". Jade is the horsey, and Erin rides on her back (on the bed, of course). I have never heard them laugh so hard, for so long, EVER! It was the cutest thing! And as most of you know, they also like to sing together ALL THE TIME. One of their favorite movies (this month) is "Barbie and the Diamond Castle", and one of the songs in the movie is called "Connected". They sing that song together all the time, each one taking parts, while Taylor dances along. They really don't understand the significance of the song, but it is definitely not lost on Kevin and me. I'm hoping to get some video footage of the song, but for now, here are a few pictures of the "Horsey" game.

Walking in RGO

Oh, I hope I get the pink one!

Getting a gumball for herself. You can't imagine how much courage it takes for her to let go of the walker.

STANDING and playing on the computer. Great job!

She is so proud of herself! Imagine how we feel.

Yes, we do get some smiles sometimes when she is walking!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goldberg Reception

While I'm patiently awaiting the photos of our visit with the service dogs, I thought I would catch up on some older pictures that I never had the opportunity to post. These are from a reception we went to in October for a couple who issued a challenge on behalf of Children's National Medical Center. In an effort to raise a large amount of money for the hospital, the Goldbergs donated $25 million and challenged the board to match it. Unbelievably, they did!!! We were invited to take part in a reception to honor the Goldbergs and thank them for their amazingly generous donation. It was a privilege to be a part of such a special evening! The girls were asked to draw a picture depicting their dreams for the future.

Pics 1 & 2: Erin and daddy taking a moment to cheese for the camera. She was busy watching the pianist; she was absolutely fascinated.
Pic 3: Mommy and our beautiful girls!
Pic 4: Each of the girls got up on stage and spoke into the microphone to describe their dreams for the future. Taylor would like to be the fastest runner someday.
Pic 5: Jade said that she dreams of being a princess. As you can guess, everybody thought that was pretty cute!
Pic 6: Erin spoke about her dreams of walking one day. The room was very quiet, and there were more than a few tears. Many people came up to her afterward to assure her that she WILL walk someday.
Pic 7: Here are our beautiful girls with their pictures. They were very proud! And we were shocked at how well they did standing up on stage and speaking into the microphone.
Pic 8: This picture was taken with the Goldbergs and the two other girls who were asked to participate in the event. What a special evening!
Pic 9: Taylor is sitting with Dr. Holbrook, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Children's National Medical Center. The first time we met him, Erin and Jade were still conjoined, and we were at the hospital for a meeting with Ms. Jackie. Taylor was sitting on the floor blowing bubbles, and he got down on the floor with her in his suit and tie to blow bubbles with her. It's not often you see an executive sit on the floor with a two year old child to blow bubbles. He is a fantastic man, and he did not hesitate to get down on the floor with Taylor again for a hug and to take this picture. I think I have a picture of the first time as well. I'll have to look for it.