Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Erin's hospitalization and surgery

This is the day of Erin's abscess surgery.  You can read about our entire ordeal on our other blog if you want the full scoop.  She actually looked pretty good here compared to what she looked like on previous days.  She still had a fever of 103, so she wasn't ready smile yet.

There is that beautiful smile!  She was finally ready for SOLOMON to get up on the bed with her.

She thought it was funny until SOLOMON put his big butt on her I.V., which is something she won't let ANYONE touch!  He was just happy to be up with his girl.  He got to see her everyday, but she didn't want to cuddle until this day. 

Playing with her puppies, waiting for her real puppy to get there.  This was the day before she was discharged, so Erin was feeling pretty good here.  She had the big guns (antibiotics) on board, so she was improving each day after the abscesses were drained.

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