Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Technologically Unsavvy!

It is quite apparent that I don't have quite enough skills with our computer to figure this out.  I have been trying to post photos here for over a week, but I can't get into our blog from our computer at home.  I can get in elsewhere; everywhere, it seems, except the computer I have the photos on!  I have some really cute ones coming (like 3 little girls cute, or Justin Bieber cute, or SOLOMON bowling cute)... as soon as my brain engages enough to show my computer who's the boss!  I've also been working on a post for our other blog telling you ALL about the last few weeks of our lives.  Both of these exciting things are coming soon (soon is certainly a relative term in my life).  I'm sorry for the delay, but I am working on it.


Anonymous said...

well, I am no computer genius. But a couple of quick things that you might consider is if you have used up most of the memory on your computer that has all the pictures stored on it. If there isn't enough memory left, it won't do certain things.

You might empty the cache to try to free up some memory. And make sure you do not have too many other programs running if you are short on memory.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new pictures.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster about emptying your cache. (Location of this cache depends on which browser you're using.)

Also, you might want to download a different browser and try logging on to blogger with it. (For example, download firefox, chrome or safari if you're on an explorer/ PC. If you're using a safari/Mac, download opera or firefox).

Hope this helps!