Monday, November 30, 2009

SOLOMON's Graduation Day

I wrote all about SOLOMON's big day on our other site, but I wanted to share some of our photos here.  I didn't have the opportunity to take many pics that day, because both ceremonies were inside the prison, and we weren't allowed to take our cameras inside.  They did have a few photographers there, and we should be getting copies of the photos fairly soon.  I will post some when I get them.  Anyway, it was an absolutely FANTASTIC day full of excitement and wonderful people.  We will begin our transfer training very soon with SOLOMON, and we should have him with us full time right before Christmas.  The excitement in our house is building!!!

Taylor and her friend Madison at the
reception.  They had a great day

This is Jade and her new love, Nikki!
Nikki's owner, Sharon, thought she
might have to take Jade home with
her too!  Jade absolutely loves this

Jade took about 30 minutes to say goodbye!
She couldn't bear to let her go.

This was the only picture I got of all three
girls with SOLOMON that day.  We were
just getting ready to go, and we had to say
goodbye to him.


Helene said...

Such beautiful pictures! Solomon sounds amazing and I'm sure he'll make such a wonderful difference in your daughter's life. All your children are beautiful!

I read your story in your profile and I'm in awe of your preserverance. I'm bummed that I missed your story on TLC but hopefully they'll air it again soon.

Thank you for the follow! I'm now following your blog!

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