Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Great Green (Cold) North

Here are a few of our photos from our trip to Minnesota. Most of these are from our stay at the cabin and some of our fun at the family reunion. I have many more to load, but I thought I would start with these.

Our beautiful niece/Goddaughter, Elizabeth having fun with her cousins. She had surgery on her jaw while we were in MN, but we were still able to see her a few times.

Here is the wonderful ramp that my brother built for Erin. They will actually be able to move it to the garage until the next time we visit. Thanks Mike!

This was right after we got to the cabin. It was probably in the 60's, but Jade insisted on going in the water.

The day after we arrived, the temperatures reached a high of 58 degrees. As you can see, the girls didn't let that stop them from going in the lake. I wouldn't call it swimming, because they never went in deeper than their waists, but they certainly went in much farther than I did (which was not at all).

Doesn't this just look cold? My sister took the girls out onto the dock to enjoy the wind and frigid temperatures! I stayed back to take the photos. :0)

Not to be outdone by her sisters, Erin took the plunge for about two minutes. That was enough for her to know that her sisters were a little crazy. But at least she can say she went in too.

Yes, that is Erin standing in front of the ladder. We were able to find the right position where she could support herself standing for short periods of time. Very exciting to see!!

Taylor riding the innertube for the first time. She LOVED it!!

Erin and Aunt Dee Dee riding the tube. I had some serious tears watching them!

Jade rode on the tube for the first time with her cousin Mitch, who was very protective of her. They had a great time! However, Jade did ride by herself later.


QuiltingB29 said...

Looks like y'all had fun! I had to do a double take when I saw Erin standing. That's an awesome picture!

Leah said...

I'm also from MN and this has been QUITE the summer here for weather. The past few days have been 90 everyday. Too bad you guys weren't here then. :-D

Pam, mom, honey, said...

I do not know how I found your blog tonight but I have enjoyed reading it. I love the girls names only because my girls names are kayla faith, isabella hope, emma grace (our son is michael).If or when we get another blessing it will be hannah joy. We call our girls by there middle names.