Thursday, March 19, 2009

Circus Fun!

We were lucky enough to be given tickets to the circus and watch it from a suite. The best things about it, other than a great view, is the fact that Erin never struggles with her wheelchair, there is a bathroom inside the suite, and there is a sitting area for fun intermission photos! We had five excited little girls ready for more fun. From Left: Katelyn, Erin, Taylor, Olivia, and Jade.

Ms. Michelle bought each of the girls a clown nose. Taylor was the only one who could keep hers on, and I think she kind of enjoyed it. Maybe she has a future as a clown! :0)

One of our favorite things about the circus is the fact that they have these amazing elephants! We just love them! Jade adores elephants, and she calls them all Nelly. Too cute!

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