Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sisters and Best Friends

Here is Taylor with her new haircut. Pretty cute!!!

Erin and Jade are so extremely close, but over these past few weeks they have grown even closer. They are constantly playing with each other and giggling more than ever. They even insist on sleeping with each other most nights. Last week they came up with a new game they call "Horsey". Jade is the horsey, and Erin rides on her back (on the bed, of course). I have never heard them laugh so hard, for so long, EVER! It was the cutest thing! And as most of you know, they also like to sing together ALL THE TIME. One of their favorite movies (this month) is "Barbie and the Diamond Castle", and one of the songs in the movie is called "Connected". They sing that song together all the time, each one taking parts, while Taylor dances along. They really don't understand the significance of the song, but it is definitely not lost on Kevin and me. I'm hoping to get some video footage of the song, but for now, here are a few pictures of the "Horsey" game.

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Jason and Vanessa said...

What a fun game. I love Taylors hair cut it's so cute!